Create a link on the More drop down menu aka Google Universal Navigation Bar
  2. Create a project through the drop down at the top left. Give it a name of your choosing? Does not impact what shows up in the menu. For that you need to edit line 10 of the attached manifest).
  3. Under the "Project" tab on the left, you'll be able to upload/review your Manifest. Upload the attached document. 
  4. Click "Deploy Application"

You'll need to save the Manifest below to a notepad. 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ApplicationManifest xmlns="">

 <!-- Name and description pulled from message bundles -->
 <Name>insert Name</Name>
 <Description>Direct access to Dito Directory</Description>

 <!-- Show this link in Google's universal navigation for all users -->
 <Extension id="navLink" type="link">
 <Name>insert name</Name>
 <Url>insert URL</Url>

 <!-- Declare our OpenID realm so our app is white listed -->
 <Extension id="realm" type="openIdRealm">
 <Url>insert URL </Url>