We recommend that your users use the Gmail web interface for their mail client. It provides a single portal for accessing all of their Google services and requires no additional setup or troubleshooting however we understand some users would like to integrate their local applications.  We've provided some options for them below; 

Email - IMAP 

Use IMAP when a user wants to maintain folders/labels in Gmail while still working from a desktop client. This is particularly useful for maintaining mail organization on the go, when your user may not have regular access to their desktop mail client and need to check email remotely or by mobile device. For more information, see Getting started with IMAP for Gmail.

  1. Make sure IMAP is enabled for your user's Google Apps mail account.
  2. Configure the user's mail client for IMAP. For steps, see Configuring other mail clients.


Google Calendar supports CalDAV, a protocol for sharing calendar access. With CalDAV, your users can view and edit calendar events from Apple iCal clients. For more information, see Sync with iCal. (Please note that CalDav is considered an experimental feature with limited technical assistance available.)


Use CardDAV to sync contacts on your Mac with your Google Contacts.

  1. On your Mac, go to Applications > Contacts.
  2. In the Contacts application, go to Contacts > Preferences > Accounts > +
  3. In the window that pops up, enter the following:

  4. Account type: CardDAV
    Username: <Your username at your domain, for example: john@solarmora.com>
    Password: <Your password>
    Server address: google.com

Feel free to investigate any third-party tools available Google Apps Marketplace.