Google Drive for Mac (Apple) - Change Account

If you have the Google Drive for Mac client installed on your PC, and would like to change the account associated with it, you may have noticed that disconnecting your account will not allow you to set up another account.  Whether you need to switch the sync from a personal GMail account to a business account, or the reverse, these instructions will help you through the process.

Word of Warning: Following these procedures will remove all settings and data in your current Google Drive account.  You need to backup the files that are in your Google Drive sync folder to a separate location before performing these steps.  BACK UP YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER.  Once these files are moved to a different location, your Google Drive folder should be empty.  You can not transfer ownership of Google formatted documents in this way.

  • First you need to shut Google Drive off.  To do this, Control-Click the icon in the Ribbon Bar (Up top on the right) and choose Quit.
  • Open a Finder Window, then press Command + Shift + G.  This will open a Go window and ask you which directory you need to view
  • Type the following (without quotes): "~/Library/Application Support/Google"
  • Delete the Drive folder (right click, choose delete)

Now when you open the Drive application it will ask you to sign in, and walk you through the initial setup.  Once this is complete, you can copy your backup files into the newly created Google Drive directory.